PEROVNA Hostivar was founded in 1935 by Mr. Viktor Röhrl. From its inception until the present time the company has been engaged in the manufacture of wound and shaped cold-formed springs.

In the year 1948 PEROVNA Hostivar was nationalised.

After this nationalisation, production was expanded and promoted in such a manner that by the year 1966 the company was virtually the monopoly producer of cold-formed springs in the former Czechoslovakia.

In the year 1994 the company was privatised; the son of the founder of the company became the owner.

Since the 1st January 2004, Engineer Václav Závacký has been the owner of PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. company.

PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. is a member of the Association of Automotive Industries and the Association of Czech and Slovak Spring Producers.

Company Philosophy

By observing customers' requirements to guarantee an optimal level of profit necessary for the long-term technical and economic development of the company and for the continuing satisfaction of its employees.

Production Focus

Composition of client portfolio, according to the fields of industry:

Distribution of production for domestic consumption/export:

Company Presentation at the Leipzig Trade Fair:

R & D

PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. has its own development team, which cooperates in research and development of machinery and the implementation of new technologies with other development centres.

We are able to design optimal construction of springs, on the basis of the customer's data, including specification of the function of spring, its usage pattern and its basic dimensions.

Consultancy and cooperation in the development of springs for our customers is one of the strong points of our company

As part of our customer support, and also for other interested parties, we perform following tests (without accreditation):

  • pulsing
  • hardness
  • tensile strength 
  • defectoscopic magnetic powder (Deutroflux)
  • measuring of springs according to specific identifiers