PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. produces wound and moulded cold-formed springs. Springs are made in following types:

  • compression (with both even and variable pitches), conical, other
  • extension
  • torsion, double-torsion
  • moulded
  • springs for shaft seals
  • ring-type

Based on the best technological equipment available and a wide range of experience, springs are produced for a variety of applications, including:

  • dynamically loaded (e.g. valve springs of engines and injection pumps)
  • statically loaded (e.g. break, clutch and pedal springs)
  • corrosion-resistant
  • for higher working temperatures
  • with extremely precise shapes or specific function

Springs are employed in almost all sectors. They are supplied primarily for:

  • cars, motorcycles, tractors, ships and aircraft
  • rail vehicles
  • electrical machinery and apparatuses
  • circuit breakers, switches and relays
  • tools
  • machine tools
  • computer technology
  • industrial consumer products
  • other types of general machinery

The maximal limits of the dimensions of springs, which the production facilities are capable of making, are in the range:

  • length max. 800 mm
  • outer diameter max. 200 mm

It is possible to produce also small series of springs of larger dimensions on the basis of individual agreement.