PIn PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. a Quality Management System has been implemented and certified (by the TÜV CERT Certification Body of the TÜV Management Service GmbH) according to EN ISO 9001/2000 and according to VDA 6.1.

Entry Inspection

Technical Inspection carries out an entry inspection of all general materials. Primarily the dimensions and strength of the material are checked and, if necessary, a metallographic analysis is carried out. The permanent limit of material is tested in the Pulsing Laboratory prior to its release for serial production of dynamically loaded springs. All the subsidiary material also passes through the entry inspection.

Control Over Production

Data collection is carried out in the course of production during the winding and grinding operations. This data is used for statistical regulation of the production process. Naturally interoperable control is also undertaken.

Final Inspection

Upon the completion of the production process, all products undergo a final inspection, during which the required technical parameters of the springs are checked, certificates are issued and all the supporting documentation is completed - the quality protocols.

The quality of production, the experience of our staff, our modern equipment and our tradition place PÉROVNA Hostivař s.r.o. in the absolute forefront position amongst producers of springs, both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

Testing equipment

To verify the qualitative parameters of springs, the following equipment by top-class producers is in service:
PROBAT, BÖHM (load gauges and torsion-meters), VEB (tensile machines), REICHERTER (pulsing equipment), REICHERT-JUNG (metallographic microscope).